Mark McCray (McCrazy) is a Chicago Native and has made a career in Broadcasting, Voice-Over and Public Speaking. While in High School Mark realized he wanted to be a broadcaster after a summer college course sparked his interest. After graduating High School ahead of his class at the age of 16, Mark went to pursue a career in broadcasting at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL.

While in College he quickly accelerated at his student radio station and within 1 year was the Music Director and after 2 years, the Program Director. While in college he was also recruited by a station in Southern Illinois and was on the air at a highly rated Top 40 station at the age of 17. Since then he has been on the air in Dallas/Ft-Worth, Chicago, Austin, West Palm Beach, Nationally on the ABC Radio Networks and Internationally on the Armed Forced Radio networks. Now he is back in Dallas for the second time in his career as the Operations Manager for Radio-One’s radio stations KBFB (97.9 The Beat) and KSOC (Boom 94.5).

During his over 20 years in Broadcasting he has received multiple accolades including awards for Program Director of the year, Music Director of the year, and Morning show personality of the year. He was also named one of the “America’s Top Program Directors in Radio Ink and Radio’s African American Future Leaders. He also was a national spokesperson for Weight Watchers with a national TV and Print campaign.

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